Sentence Examples with the word Church

The Macmillan Free Church perpetuates the memory of John Macmillan (d.

The consent of several of the electors having been purchased by concessions, Frederick signed with Pope Nicholas V., the successor of Eugenius, in February 1448 the concordat of Vienna, an arrangement which bound the German Church afresh to Rome and perpetuated the very evils from which earnest churchmen had been seeking deliverance.

Feudalism is practically extinct among them and with the decline of the Druses, and the great stake they have acquired in agriculture, they have laid aside much of their warlike habit together with their arms. Even their instinct of nationality is being sensibly impaired by their gradual assimilation to the Papal Church, whose agents exercise from Beirut an increasing influence on their ecclesiastical elections and church government.

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This act was followed in 1867 by the confiscation of church property, and on the 10th of September 1870 by the triumphant seizure of Rome.

The numerous Letters of Cyprian are not only an important source for the history of church life and of ecclesiastical law, on account of their rich and manifold contents, but in large part they are important monuments of the literary activity of their author, since, not infrequently, they are in the form of treatises upon the topic in question.

Baptized persons, could not be exclusively claimed as of right by the Church tribunals, if the subject matter of the cause were purely temporal.

The exterior is uninteresting, and the church lost both atrium and apse in the 16th century.

Church history began to be written in a genuinely scientific spirit only in the 18th century under the leadership of Mosheim, who is commonly called the father of modern church history.

In May 1789 - that memorable month of May in which the states-general marched in impressive array to hear a sermon at the church of Notre Dame at Versailles - a vote of censure had actually been passed on him in the House of Commons for a too severe expression used against Hastings.

Already at the Council of Nicaea in 325 the Pauliani were put outside the Church and condemned to be rebaptized.