Sentence Examples with the word Chunks

Brady pushed chunks of body parts blown out of the minefield and knelt to retrieve a thumb keypad.

Kelli greeted one of the men with a kiss and a quick hug before going to the woman cutting chunks of meat off the deer.

Some chunks of your DNA do nothing useful (that we know of yet), but other chunks we call genes.

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Then he put a few chunks of carrots and potatoes on the plate.

Aside from the chunks missing along the edges from the townspeople dragging it, it looked like it was in good shape.

He bought the land in chunks over the years.

She lifted her face from his chest long enough to glance through the kitchen window and saw the huge white chunks of ice plunging to the ground.

She tugged at one of the chunks of wood until she had it sitting straight on the stump, as he had done.

Toby chewed on the crackers she'd placed before him, crumbs and chunks going all over his pj's.

Crash after crash echoed far above their heads, as the earth came together where it had split, and stones and chunks of clay rattled around them on every side.