Sentence Examples with the word Christy

HENRY CHRISTY (181o-i 865), English ethnologist, was born at Kingston-on-Thames on the 26th of July 1810.

To-day anthropology is grappling with the heavy task of systematizing the vast stores of knowledge to which the key was found by Boucher de Perthes, by Lartet, Christy and their successors.

To his task Christy devoted money and time ungrudgingly, and an account of the explorations appeared in Comptes rendus (Feb.

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Encouraged by what he saw at the Great Exhibition of 1851, Christy devoted the rest of his life to perpetual travel and research, making extensive collections illustrating the early history of man, now in the British Museum.

The important discoveries in the Madeleine cave and elsewhere were published by Lartet and Christy under the title Reliquiae Aquitanicae, the first part appearing in 1865.

By his will Christy bequeathed his magnificent archaeological collection to the nation.