Sentence Examples with the word Chocolate

That delicious chocolate gaze followed her all the way to his side.

That sweet chocolate gaze softened and a smile touched the corners of his mouth.

The three of us rode out to Rick's Gourmet Ice Cream where we calmed our souls with three scoops of Cherry Cheesecake for Betsy and a like amount of extreme Chocolate for Molly and me.

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Teplzrocotis is generally of a chocolate colour, tinged on some parts with pale crimson or pink, and has the crown of the head silvery-grey.

In the royal Siamese breed the head is rather long and pointed, the body also elongated with relatively slender limbs, the coat glossy and close, the eyes blue, and the general colour some shade of cream or pink, with the face, ears, feet, under-parts, and tail chocolate or seal-brown.

He tossed him a bar of chocolate he'd stolen from the supplies.

The decorative color chiefly employed is chocolate brown, which harmonizes excellently with the glaze.

Martha, a come-lately convert to our experiment, offered to fix Howie a hot chocolate in hopes it would induce a snooze.

The industries include shipbuilding, and the manufacture of saddlery and other leather products, bricks and tile, rum, beer, chocolate and coco-nut oil.

Brady was more likely to kill Guardian and steal his chocolate than be Guardian.