Sentence Examples with the word Chiselling

At a school of art officially established in Tokyo in 1873 under the direction of Italian teachersa school which owed its signal failure partly to the incompetence and intemperate behaviour of some of its foreign professors, and partly to a strong renaissance of pure Japanese classicismone of the few accomplishments successfully taught was that of modelling in plaster and chiselling in marble after Occidental methods.

In this kind of chiselling the Japanese artist can claim to be unique as well as unrivalled.

Costumes of the utmost magnificence were worn, and the chiselling of masks for the use of the performers occupied scores of artists and ranked as a high glyptic accomplishment.

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The quality of the Point of chiselling is the first feature to which the Japanese View.

The fashion is always accompanied by chiselling a jour (sukashi-bori), so that the sculptured portions stand out in their entirety.

Scarcely less important in Japanese eyes than the chiselling of the decorative design itself is the preparation of the field to which it is applied.