Sentence Examples with the word Chin

She nudged his chin with her cheek.

Thunder rumbled in the distance and Cade's chin slumped to his chest.

He repositioned Selyn's head then gripped her chin and squeezed her cheeks until her mouth opened.

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The chin is never shaved, save by beauty men, or kashangs, though often clipped, while the moustache is usually left long.

Jackson rubbed his chin with his thumb and index finger.

The eyebrows are widened and painted till they appear to meet, while sham moles or stars are painted on the chin and cheek; even spangles are stuck at times on the chin and forehead.

Restarting it, she rested her elbow on the counter and leaned her chin on her hand, her dark blonde curls sweeping forward.

He raised his chin to indicate the table to her left.

That's the whole agenda; just rally 'round the flag, boys, chin held high.

He tipped her chin up.