Sentence Examples with the word Chimed

Louis XIV.s aspirations towards glory chimed in very well with the extremely positive views of his minister; but here too Colbert was an innovator and an unsuccessful one.

She glanced up at Howard, who immediately chimed in.

Yet his advice was followed only when it chimed in with James's own will; his influence was of a merely secondary kind; and his great practical skill was employed simply in carrying out the measures of the king in the best mode possible.

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Accident betrayed the secret of his retirement; he was compelled to leave his mathematical investigations, and to take part in entertainments, where the only thing that chimed in with his theorizing reveries was the music. French politics were at that time characterized by violence and intrigue to such an extent that Paris was no fit place for a student, and there was little honourable prospect for a soldier.

Pierre chimed in, pleased at the arrival of this reinforcement.

The front door bell chimed away the Dean's reverie, an unusual occurrence when no new lodgers were expected.