Sentence Examples with the word Chi

The Chi Tandui, also rising here, flows south-east to the Indian Ocean, and alone of all the rivers in this province is navigable.

He started his Tai Chi routine, focusing externally while the night filled his heightened senses.

The two which drain the largest basin are the Chi Manuk and the Chi Tarum, both rising in the eastern end of the province and flowing northeast and north-west respectively to the Java Sea.

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A bunch of ' tang sani ' (lamp-wick, the pith of Eriocaulon or Scirpus) is then inserted well into the mass, and the pan slightly canted, when a rich, clear, brown fluid is thus drawn off, and filtered through ' chi mui ' (paper made from bamboo fibre).

There is apparently no doubt that this island is OH ocHa CHo Vanillin si CH.CH: CHI Chavibetol imaginary.