Sentence Examples with the word Cheviot

To the Cheviot Hills, the watershed of which for 35 m.

The rams sometimes have small, curved, wide horns like those of the Cheviot ram.

One, known in medieval times as Dere Street and misnamed Watling Street by modern antiquaries, ran from Corbridge on the Tyne past Otterburn, crossed Cheviot near Makendon Camps, and passed by an important fort at Newstead near Melrose, and another at Inveresk (outside of Edinburgh), to the eastern end of the wall.

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The home government, whether averse to expensive conquests of barren hills, or afraid of a victorious general, abruptly recalled Agricola, and his northern conquests - all beyond the Tweed, if not all beyond Cheviot - were abandoned.

On Rennes Island in the fjord, over against the town, there is a Cheviot sheep-breeding farm under government auspices.

The short land-frontier of England with Scotland (its length is only loo m.) is in great measure a physical boundary, as considerable lengths of it are formed on the east side by the river Tweed, and on the west by Kershope Burn, Liddel Water, and the river Sark; while for the rest it follows pretty closely the summit of the Cheviot Hills, whose highest point is the Cheviot (2676 ft.).

The North Tyne rises in the Cheviot Hills, at their south-western extremity, near the Scottish border.

The Cheviot takes its name from the range of hills stretching along the boundary between England and Scotland, on both sides of which the breed now extends, though larger types are produced in East Lothian and in Sutherlandshire.

These breeds are all English, except the Border Leicester, Cheviot and Scotch Black-face, which belong to Scotland; the Welsh Mountain, which belongs to Wales; and the Roscommon, which is Irish.

The sources of the Ettrick, Teviot and Jed, into the Cheviot Hills.