Sentence Examples with the word Chevalier

Merignhac, Traite de l'arbitrage international (Paris, 1895); Le Chevalier Descamps, Essai sur l'organisation de l'arbitrage international (Bruxelles, 1896); Feraud-Giraud, Des Traites d'arbitrage international general et permanent, Revue de droit international (Bruxelles, 1897); Pasicrisie International, by Senator H.

His most famous novels are Une Vieille Maitresse (1851), attacked at the time of its publication on the charge of immorality; L'Ensorcelee (1854), an episode of the royalist rising among the Norman peasants against the first republic; the Chevalier Destouches (1864); and a collection of extraordinary stories entitled Les Diaboliques (1874).

The ripe ears of the last hang so as to become almost parallel with the stem; they are narrower and longer than in (b), owing to the grains being placed farther apart on the rachis; it includes the Chevalier variety, one of the best for malting purposes.

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His Lettres galantes du chevalier d'Her..

Le Livre des tournois, a book of ceremonial, and the allegorical romance, Conqueste qu'un chevalier nomme le Cuer d'amour espris feist d'une dame appelee Doulce Mercy, with other works ascribed to him, were perhaps dictated to his secretaries, or at least compiled under his direction.

He was made doctor of letters, chevalier of the Legion of Honour, professor of archaeology at the Bibliotheque Imperiale, member of the Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres and perpetual secretary of the Academie des Beaux-Arts.

In 1833 he was appointed chevalier of the Legion of Honour, and in 1836 member of the Academy of Moral Sciences.

The order consists of the five classes of grand cross (limited to 80), grand officer (200), commander (1000), officers (4000), and chevalier or knight, in which the number is unlimited.

He was insulted by the chevalier de Rohan, replied with his usual sharpness of tongue, and shortly afterwards, when dining with the duke of Sully, was called out and bastinadoed by the chavelier's hirelings, Rohan himself looking on.

Les fais et processes du noble et vaillant chevalier Jason was composed in the middle of the 15th century by Raoul Lefevre on the basis of Benoit's Roman de Troie, and presented to Philip of Burgundy, founder of the order of the Golden Fleece.