Sentence Examples with the word Chest

Prince Andrew lay on his chest with his face in the grass, breathing heavily and noisily.

The rape of Cassandra by Ajax was frequently represented in Greek works of art, for instance on the chest of Cypselus described by Pausanias (v.

As devout Eckerman lifted the linen sheet from the naked corpse of Goethe, he was overwhelmed with the massive chest of the man, that seemed as a Roman triumphal arch.

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Gerry catered to Toni, whose chest was thrust even farther out than before.

Instinctively, she flattened her palm against his chest once more to feel his heartbeat.

This short man had on a white leather apron which covered his chest and part of his legs; he had on a kind of necklace above which rose a high white ruffle, outlining his rather long face which was lit up from below.

This time her hands felt their way up his smooth muscular chest - up to his shoulders and then up the back of his neck.

She slid her arms around his chest in a friendly hug.

By reason of its dry and bracing climate, Aliwal North is also a favourite residence of sufferers from chest complaints.

She hugged her knees to her chest and rested her cheek on one knee, closing her eyes.