Sentence Examples with the word Cherubim

It is doubtful how far Ezekiel's account of the cherubim and Isaiah's account of the seraphim are to be taken as descriptions of actual beings; they are probably figurative, or else subjective visions.

In old times, the bne Elohim and the seraphim are His court, and the angels are alike the court and the army of God; the cherubim are his throne-bearers.

Hilasterion) covered the top, and this was surmounted by two Cherubim (Ex.

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Mythical features abound in the cherubim and seraphim, the pillars of Jachin and Boaz, the mysterious Nehushtan, the bronze-sea and the lavers.

There are the cherubim who guard Eden.

The design of the former is a trellis crossing the ceiling diagonally; in each of the lacunae is carved a cherubim with eight wings; the figures and the trellis are gilded; the ground is a rich ultramarine.

Ezekiel gives elaborate discriptions of cherubim 19; and in one of his visions he sees seven angels execute the judgment of God upon Jerusalem.

Probably his cherubim are a modification of older ones, which may well have been of a more sober type.

Putting aside the cherubim and seraphim, they are not spoken of as having wings.