Sentence Examples with the word Cherry

The birches and cherry and alders too are coming out....

The music room had raised panel cherry walls and a coffered ceiling with intricately carved beams.

Thus in the peach, nectarine, apricot, plum and cherry, which are commonly trained fan-fashion, the first three (and also the morello cherry if grown) will have to be pruned so as to keep a succession of young annual shoots, these being their fruit-bearing wood.

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The first of these, called a quincunx, is met with in the apple, pear and cherry (fig.

You can celebrate the beginning of British cherry season with a fruit jelly flavored with brandy.

Scarcely has the cherry season passed when that of the wistaria (fuji) comes, followed by the azalea(tsutsuji) and the iris (shibu), the last being almost contemporaneous with the peony (botan), which is regarded by many Japan se as the king of flowers and is cultivated assiduously.

Connell (1887); Miss Goodrich-Freer, The Outer Isles; Richard and Cherry Kearton, With Nature and a Camera (1896).

All these treesthe plum, the cherry and the peachbear no fruit worthy of the name, nor do they excel their Occidental representatives in wealth of blossom, but the admiring affection they inspire in Japan is unique.

Don't forget to garnish with a Maraschino cherry in the middle of the creamy top.

The interior was sleek and dark, clashing with the cherry red exterior.