Sentence Examples with the word Cher

The principal rivers, besides the Cher and its tributaries, are the Grande Sauldre and the Petite Sauldre on the north, but the Loire and Allier, though not falling within the department, drain the eastern districts, and are available for navigation.

Voltaire called him his cher cygne de Padoue.

The Cher itself becomes navigable when it receives the Arnon and Yevre, and the communications of the department are greatly facilitated by the Canal du Berry, which traverses it from east to west, the lateral canal of the Loire, which follows the left bank of that river, and the canal of the Sauldre.

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Hahn, Jahrbi cher des frankischen Reiches 741-752 (Berlin, 1863); L.

A facsimile of the original editions of Maximilian's autobiographical and semi-autobiographical works has been published in nine volumes in the Jahrbi cher der kunsthistorischen Sammlungen des Kaiserhauses (Vienna, 1880-1888).

It soon after becomes the boundary line between the departments of Cher and Nievre, and reaches the Loire 4 m.

The Bituriges Cubi, called simply Bituriges by Caesar, in whose time they acknowledged the supremacy of the Aedui, inhabited the modern diocese of Bourges, including the departments of Cher and Indre, and partly that of Allier.

HUGH OF ST CHER (c. 1 200-1263), French cardinal and Biblical commentator, was born at St Cher, a suburb of Vienne, Dauphine, and while a student in Paris entered the Dominion convent of the Jacobins in 1 225.