Sentence Examples with the word Cheated

In the Trojan War he takes the side of the Greeks, because he had been cheated of his reward by Laomedon, king of Troy, for whom he had built the walls of the city.

She told me one time; she'd never cheated on Quinn.

Then again, Tessa had cheated on him.

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When he was told that he had been cheated in the matter of the presidency,' he was sure of it, although those who told him were by no means so.

The way in which Sisyphus cheated Death is not unique in folktales.

I never cheated on you.

Regin, cheated of his share, plotted vengeance and the conquest of the treasure.

No, and I've never really cheated on Quinn, so don't bother to ask.

I'm not going to even try to defend what you just saw, but I never cheated on you.

You don't want to do this; you never cheated on Quinn; you told me so.