Sentence Examples with the word Cheapening

As any given region is opened up by railways, cheapening transportation, milling is apt to give way to smelting.

He understands the cheapening effect of the division of labour.

Americans think that this statement is altogether too pessimistic. Not sufficient account had been taken of the uncultivated land in farms, and of the possibilities of improving the yield, and still further cheapening the product.

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The canal system of Canada, linking together the great natural waterways, is also of much present and prospective importance in cheapening the transportation of agricultural produce.

Thus weighting, which was until recently thought to apply only to black silks, and from which coloured silks were comparatively free, is now cheapening and deteriorating the latter in pretty much the same ratio as the former.

Modern improvements, with a view to cheapening of cost, effect the transport of the cages from one press battery to another on rails.

Electrical heating appliances have only recently passed the experimental stage; there is, however, undoubtedly a great future for electric heating, and the perfecting of the together with the cheapening of the electric stove, g p g current, may be expected to result in many of the other stoves and convectors being superseded.

He is raising the value of citizenship, not cheapening it.

Statistics.-The cheapening of manufacture by improvements in processes and machinery, and by the increase in the scale of operations, has been very great.

Just as books were the means of multiplying, cheapening and disseminating ideas, so engravings on copper or wood were the means of multiplying, cheapening and disseminating images which gave vividness to the ideas, or served, for those ignorant of letters, in their stead.