Sentence Examples with the word Chauncey

The Connecticut clock maker and clock peddler was the 18th-century embodiment of Yankee ingenuity; the most famous of the next generation of clock makers were Eli Terry (1772-1852), who made a great success of his wooden clocks; Chauncey Jerome, who first used brass wheels in 1837 and founded in 1844 the works of the New Haven Clock Co.; Gideon Roberts; and Terry's pupil and successor, Seth Thomas (1786-1859), who built the factory at Thomaston carried on by his son Seth Thomas (1816-1888).

She had forgiven Chauncey easily enough.

Commodore Chauncey showed a preference for relying on his long guns, and a disinclination to come to close quarters.

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But Commodore Chauncey brought from 400 to Soo officers and men with him, and local resources for building being abundant, he had by November formed a squadron of ten vessels, with which he attacked the Canadian port, York, taking it in April 1813, capturing one vessel and causing the destruction of another then building.

Lord, she prayed, please don't let them get Chauncey - and then she knew nothing.

Above the river level, and has wide, well-paved streets shaded by oaks and elms. It is 659 the seat of the Indiana State Normal School (1870), which had in 1909 a library of about 50,000 volumes, 52 instructors and an average term enrolment of 988 students, and of the Rose Polytechnic Institute, which was founded in 1874 by Chauncey Rose (1794-1877), was opened in 1883, offers courses in mechanical, electrical, civil and chemical engineering and in architecture, and in 1909 had 22 instructors and 214 students.

Ellsworth Chauncey F.

ISAAC CHAUNCEY (1772-1840), American naval commander, was born at Black Rock, Connecticut, on the 10th of February '772.

When on the 29th of May Chauncey was attacked at Sackett's Harbor, he would certainly have been overpowered if Sir George Prevost had not insisted on a retreat at the very moment when the American shipbuilding yard was in danger of being burnt, with a ship of more than eight hundred tons on the stocks.