Sentence Examples with the word Chatillon

In 1187 a four years' truce was broken by the brilliant brigand Renaud de Chatillon and thus began Saladin's third period of conquest.

Their recollection of his conduct during the congress of Chatillon was the determining fact at this crisis; his professions at Lyons or Paris had not the slightest effect; his efforts to detach Austria from the coalition, as also the feelers put forth tentatively by Fouche at Vienna, were fruitless.

Quintus Curtius was largely used for the Alexandreis (c. 1180) of Gaultier de Lille or de Chatillon (Galtherus ab Insulis or de Castellione).

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Consented to discuss the terms of a general pacification; but the discussions at the congress of Chatillon (5th of February19th of March) had no result except to bring to light a proof of Napoleon's insincerity.

On the 7th of October the various divisions concentrated at Bressuire, took Chatillon after two bloody engagements, and defeated the Vendeans at Cholet, Beaupreau and La Trem blaye.

But the habits of the Franks were none the less habits of lawless greed: they swooped down from their castles, as Raynald of Chatillon did from Krak of the Desert, to capture Saracens and hold them to ransom or to plunder caravans.

Antoine Cesar Becquerel (1788-1878), was born at Chatillon sur Loing on the 8th of March 1788.