Sentence Examples with the word Charlie

Brady began to recall why he never liked Charlie that much in the first place.

He wasn't there, though the man whose name she thought was Charlie was sleeping on the couch.

That was when she noticed Old Charlie standing beside the house, the reins dragging the ground.

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Damian turned in time to see the vamp Charlie struggling to drag a skinned deer carcass across the threshold.

There was a guy could take your money, Charlie offered.

They were only here four or five years in the late fifties, Charlie said.

There was no way she could do enough damage to Charlie from four times as far to allow her to escape.

It had nothing to do with Charlie illicitly selling PMF weapons overseas.

At his request, Charlie had called in everyone in the area to help the survivors.

He and his team are looking for this little girl, Charlie said, holding up his micro.