Sentence Examples with the word Charles

Fear and hatred of Sweden, and the never abandoned hope of recovering the lost provinces, animated king and people alike; but it was Denmark's crowning misfortune that she possessed at this difficult crisis no statesman of the first rank, no one even approximately comparable with such competitors as Charles X.

It was enclosed by Humphrey, duke of Gloucester, and laid out by Charles II., and contains a fine avenue of Spanish chestnuts planted in his time.

He was often at variance with Philip, whose bigamy he disliked, and his belief in the pacific intentions of Charles V.

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Pope Leo X., moreover, handed over three-quarters of Italy to the new emperor in exchange for Luthers condemnation, thereby kindling that rivalry between Charles V.

He was sent to Spain in r 5 r 5 on a very important diplomatic errand; Charles secured his succession to the see of Tortosa, and on the, 4th of November 1516 commissioned him inquisitor-general of Aragon.

Julius, who was anxious to be on good terms with Charles on account of the council of Trent which was then sitting, ordered Farnese to hand Parma over to the papal authorities once more, and on his refusal hurled censures and admonitions at his head, and deprived him of his Roman fiefs, while Charles did the same with regard to those in Lombardy.

Breda was the residence, during his exile, of Charles II., who, by the declaration of Breda (1660), made known the conditions of his acceptance of the crown of England.

The living of St Gabriel he exchanged for that of St Martin, Ironmonger Lane; and, as rector of that parish, he in 1648 subscribed the Remonstrance against putting Charles I.

ISABELLA, ISABEAU, or Elizabeth Of Bavaria (1370-1435), wife of Charles VI.

In defending the town of Antrim against the rebels in 1798 O'Neill received wounds from which he died on the 18th of June, being succeeded as Viscount O'Neill by his son Charles Henry St John (1779-1841), who in 1800 was created Earl O'Neill.