Sentence Examples with the word Charities

In its charities Cleveland has carried far the principle of coOperation, seeking to obviate through a welfare federation the waste in soliciting contributions.

My dearest Joshua has been absent for near a week now, bound to the duties of his calling, and those of his wife who is much involved in the charities of our city.

His charities were large and his private life blameless; he was constantly visiting his diocese, correcting offenders and discharging other episcopal duties; and he compelled neighbouring landholders to restore estates which rightly belonged to the see of Hereford.

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In other words, civil government steps in to take over roles traditionally provided by private charity only when charities no longer provide the service.

In 1895 the legislature established a State Board of Charities and Correction.

It may be noted that Turgot always made the cures the agents of his charities and reforms when possible.

Several years after his death the secret of the hiding-place of his vast stores of wealth is said to have been revealed by an old man to the emperor Tiberius II., for whose charities to the poor and the captives they furnished an opportune supply.

A board of state charities and corrections, established in 1869, supervises and controls all of the penal, charitable and correctional institutions of the state at large and also the local almshouses.

The Associated Charities of Atlanta was organized in 1905.

For the administration see the Constitution of the State of Ohio, adopted June 1851 (Norwalk, Ohio, 1897), and amendments of 1903 and 1905 published separately; the annual reports of the state treasurer, auditor, board of state charities and commissioner of common schools, the Ellis municipal code (1902) and the Harrison school code (1904).