Sentence Examples with the word Chandler

C. Chandler in 1884 constructed an equal altitude instrument on this principle, which he called the almucantar, and he found that after disturbance the telescope recovered its original zenith distance within j i of a second of arc. R.

THOMAS CHANDLER HALIBURTON (1796-1865), British writer, long a judge of Nova Scotia, was born at Windsor, Nova Scotia, in 1796, and received his education there, at King's College.

But it is more likely, as suggested by Richard Chandler (Life of Waynflete, 1811), that it was some Yorkist attack on him in progress in the papal court, to meet which he appointed next day 19 proctors to act for him.

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On Salisbury Pond, given to the city by Stephen Salisbury; Dodge Park (13 acres, N.); Burncoat Park (42 acres, N.E.); Chandler Hill Park (80 acres, E.); Hadwen (50 acres), University (14 acres) and Crompton Park (15.25 acres) in the S.W.

Thomas Chandler Haliburton (Q.V.) Stands In A Class By Himself.

He was educated at Oxford, and was first brought into notice by his controversy with Dr Henry Chandler regarding the Irish massacre, in which he defended Charles I.

ZACHARIAH CHANDLER (1813-1879), American politician, was born at Bedford, New Hampshire, on the 10th of December 1813.

C. Chandler to determine the latitude or correct the timepiece, of great value because of its freedom from instrumental errors.