Sentence Examples with the word Ch

Are At not a point int fully level dinemarcated latitude on with the Mogaung, territorenry ch Burma near the northern termination of the Burmese railway and India.

CH(CH 3) CO 2 HC 2 H 5 CO CH 2 CH3; and by the action of zinc alkyls on acid chlorides (M.

Substituting one hydroxyl group into each of these residues, we obtain radicals of the type - CH 2.

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The presence of the phenanthrene nucleus and the chain system CH 3 N C C follows from the fact that these alkaloids, by appropriate treatment, yield a substituted phenanthrene and also dimethylaminoethanol (CH3)2N CH2 CH20H.

Compounds derived by substituting aliphatic radicals in the benzene nucleus; such a compound is methylbenzene or toluene, C 6 H 5 CH 3.

Consider now the combustion of a hydrocarbon of the general formula CH 2m.

Gomberg's triphenyl-methyl play no part in what follows), it is readily seen that the simplest hydrocarbon has the formula CH 4, named methane, in which the hydrogen atoms are of equal value, and which may be pictured as placed at the vertices of a tetrahedron, the carbon atom occupying the centre.

Aldehyde ammonia, CH 3.

CH E li CH 3 CO CO CH 3 HC CO.

Kekule, in 1858, concluded that it was nitroacetonitrile, NO 2 CH 2 CN, a view opposed by Steiner (1883), E.