Sentence Examples with the word Cesare

Besides this his letters to Antonio Marini were published by Cesare Guasti at Prato in 1857; these were promptly put on the Index.

Dealing freely with the outline of Castruccio's career, as he had previously dealt with Cesare Borgia, he sketched his own ideal of the successful prince.

Berti, Cesare Alfieri, xi.

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Della Rovere then won the support of Cesare Borgia and was unanimously elected pope.

The connexion began in 1470, and she bore him many children whom he openly acknowledged as his own: Giovanni, afterwards duke of Gandia (born 1474), Cesare (born 1476), Lucrezia (born 1480), and Goffredo or Giuffre (born 1481 or 1482).

She held out gallantly, but was at last forced to surrender on the 22nd of January 150o; Cesare treated her with consideration, and she ended her days in a convent.

As France and Spain were quarrelling over the division of Naples and the Campagna barons were quiet, Cesare set out once more in search of conquests.

Alexander now contemplated sending Cesare to Romagna to subdue the turbulent local despots, and with the help of the French king carve a principality for himself out of those territories owing nominal allegiance to the pope.

Again Cesare was suspected as the instigator of the deed, and in fact he almost admitted it himself.

Finally, it was agreed that if Cesare were set at liberty he would surrender the castles; this having been accomplished, he departed for Naples, where the Spaniards were in possession.