Sentence Examples with the word Cervical

Ventral cervical sclerites III, Hind leg and metasternum.

In anatomy, it is, among other uses, applied to the second cervical vertebra, and in botany itmeans the stem.

Ciconiae.-Zoophagous, nidicolous, waders; with simple hypotarsus and without cervical apteria.

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To it contributes the balance of the skull on the cervical vertebrae, while the human form of the pelvis provides the necessary support to the intestines in the standing attitude.

Thirteen to fifteen cervical vertebrae.

Some of the cervical vertebrae are also united in at least the better-known genera.

The number of vertebrae is - in the cervical region 7, dorsal 13, lumbar 6, sacral 2, caudal varying according to the length of the tail, but generally from 21 to 25.

The bodies of the cervical vertebrae are elongated, strongly keeled, and markedly opisthocoelous, or concave behind and convex in front.

In the cervical region the ribs are much reduced, fused with their verte brae and enclosing the transverse canal or foramen.

Ardeae.-Piscivorous, nidicolous, waders; with complicated hypotarsus and with long cervical apteria.