Sentence Examples with the word Certainties

Much of the voluminous detailed work in this and other works is naturally enough provisional, but in the Introduction there emerge most of the broad conclusions of literary criticism (sometimes incomplete) which, after more than a century of keen examination by scholars unwilling to admit them, have passed by more or less general consent into the number of historical certainties or high probabilities.

Even the Roman Catholic Church produced the Abbe Loisy (though he undertakes to play off church certainties against historical uncertainties).

Supposed universal truths and natural certainties were in fashion.

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The certainties of religious faith are matter of feeling or immediate assurance, and are expressed in the pictorial language of imagination.

Unfortunately such allusion to these disconnected certainties as alone might be introduced here would be too brief for comprehension, and we are forced to select a few of the broader hypotheses for a treatment that may seem dogmatic and prejudiced.

Beginning with the certainties of everyday experience, it reaches theism at last by means of an analogical argument.

Rational certainties more, but that he loved redemptive necessities 1 According to I.