Sentence Examples with the word Cerebellum

Not a hundredth part of the cerebellum has remained, and yet there has existed ability to stand, to walk, to handle and lift objects in a fairly normal way, without any trace of impairment of cutaneous or muscular sensitivity.

The damage to the cerebellum must, it would seem, occur abruptly or quickly in order to occasion marked derangement of function, and then the derangement falls on the execution of movements.

Now, I consider that the phrenologists have omitted an important thing in not pushing their investigations from the cerebellum through the spinal canal.

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In comparison with reptiles the cerebellum of birds shows high development.

Disorder of the cerebellum sets at variance, brings discord into, the space-perceptions contributory to the movement.

Examination of the cerebellum by the method of Wallerian degeneration has shown that a large number of spinal and bulbar nerve cells send branches up into it.

The hemispheres are rather elongated and subcylindrical, the olfactory lobes are large and project freely in front of the' hemispheres, and the greater part of the cerebellum is uncovered.

It is with this sort of habitually apsychical reaction that the cerebellum is, it would seem, employed.

The cerebellum receives paths from most, if not from all, of the afferent roots.