Sentence Examples with the word Cephalic

Lobe-like processes of the t, Cephalic tentacles.

A, mouth; b, cephalic tentacle; h, gill (ctenidium).

M, Mantle-flap reflected over the 0, Posterior cephalic tentacles.

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N, Dorsal surface overhung by Cephalic tentacles.

B, Pair of cephalic tentacles.

Karl Semper has shown that these slugs have, in addition to the usual pair of cephalic eyes, a number of eyes developed upon the dorsal integument.

A, The cephalic hood.

Four pairs of appendages besides these are seen to belong to the cephalic tergum.

The Heteropoda are further remarkable for the high development of their cephalic eyes, and for the typical character of their osphradium (Spengel's olfactory organ).

Shell spiral; four cephalic tentacles; eyes absent; two pedal appendages.