Sentence Examples with the word Centrale

This crinoid has only two circlets of plates in the cup, but the cup analysed in the adjoining diagram has in addition infrabasals and a centrale C.

The foreign and colonial clubs which are affiliated to the Kennel Club are: the Guernsey Dog Club, the Italian Kennel Club, the Jersey Dog Club, La Societe Centrale (Paris), Moscow Gun Club of the Emperor Alexander II., New South Wales Kennel Club, Nimrod Club (Amsterdam), Northern Indian Kennel Association, Royal St Hubert's Society (Brussels) and the South African Kennel Club (Cape Town).

Pervinquiere, L'Etude geologique de la Tunisie centrale (Paris, 1903); G.

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Thomas, Les Etats provinciaux de la France centrale (1879).

Having received his early education from his father Louis Francois Cauchy (1760-1848), who held several minor public appointments and counted Lagrange and Laplace among his friends, Cauchy entered Ecole Centrale du Pantheon in 1802, and proceeded to the Ecole Polytechnique in 1805, and to the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussees in 1807.

De Gobineaus Religions et philosophies dans lAsie centrale (Paris, 1866); A.

Vallino, Nel Caucaso Centrale (Turin, 1890); K.

The distal tarsalia likewise fuse together, and then on to the upper ends of the metatarsals; the tarsale centrale remains sometimes as a separate osseous nodule, buried in the inter-articular pad.

Having given promise of mathematical talent he was sent to the Ecole Centrale of Fontainebleau, and was fortunate in having a kind and sympathetic teacher, M.

Les Arts (1902); Gazette des beaux-arts (1859), monthly, with Chronique des arts; Revue de fart ancien et moderne (1897) monthly; L'Art decoratif, monthly, Art et decoration, monthly; L'Art pour tous, monthly; La Decoration, monthly; L'Architecture- journal of the Soc. centrale des Architectes francais, weekly; L'Art (1875) is no longer published.