Sentence Examples with the word Central

The central fact of the Virgin-birth, as we shall presently see, has high attestation from another early writer.

From the Bureau Central and the Eiffel Tower, and the reduction of e 2 at the latter station, are unquestionably significant facts; but the summer value for c 2 at Karasjok - a low level station - is nearly as small as that at the Eiffel Tower, and notably smaller than that at the Sonnblick (3100 metres).

The half dome of the central apse has a colossal halflength figure of Christ, with a seated Virgin and Child below; the other apses have full-length colossal figures of St Peter and St Paul.

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Since 290 it had extended its power over all the uplands of central Greece, where its command over Heracleia (280) provided it with an important defensive position against northern invaders, its control of Delphi and the Amphictyonic council with a useful political instrument.

Charles Albert could dispose of 90,000 men, including some 30,000 from central Italy, but he took the field with only half his force.

But though situated at a central point on Lake Malar, it was destroyed, apparently before the beginning of the nth century (exactly when or by whom is uncertain); and it never recovered.

The necks of the latter are short, the central series of cells consisting of ovum, ventral canal cell and one or two canal cells.

After 445 Athens was hardly in a position to summon such a congress, and would not have sent to envoys out of 20 to northern and central Greece, where she had just lost all her influence; nor is it likely that the building of the Parthenon (begun not later than 447) was entered on before the congress.

The common juniper is a very widely distributed plant, occurring in the whole of northern Europe, central and northern Asia to Kamchatka, and east and west North America.

Queretaro is served by the Mexican Central railway.