Sentence Examples with the word Censured

Cavaignac was censured by some for having, by his delay, allowed the insurrection to gather head; but in the chamber he was declared by a unanimous vote to have deserved well of his country.

He censured Sallust (Suetonius, Gram.

He rendered valuable service during the Dutch War, but his lax methods of keeping accounts led to his being censured by parliament.

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Attended, prepared to acknowledge Photius as legitimate patriarch, a concession for which John was much censured by Latin opinion.

For this reason he was censured at home and he promptly resigned, after spending only five months in the country.

As he was a Federalist he was severely criticised and censured for this defeat and resigned from the army.

An Aberdeen printer named Raban was publicly censured for having on his own authority shortened one of the prayers.

Heresy was gaining ground in high places, especially after the king's marriage with Catherine Parr; and there seems to be some truth in the story that the queen herself was nearly committed for it at one time, when Gardiner, with the king's approbation, censured some of her expressions in conversation.

At the same time the negotiations set on foot with the bey of Tunis were censured by the government, and General Clausel was recalled (February 1831) .

All kinds of questions were submitted to him, important and unimportant; and he is frequently censured for having troubled himself so much with mere details.