Sentence Examples with the word Cella

Maria della Cella is noteworthy among the former as having one of the earliest campanili of any size in Italy (9th century).

The columns and the architraves upon them are well preserved, but there is nothing above the frieze existing, and the cella wall has entirely disappeared.

The building was, however, not completed; the cella was never built, and the columns, not having been fluted, have a heavy appearance.

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With regard to the plan and design of a Phoenician temple, it is probable that they were in many respects similar to those of the temple at Jerusalem, and the probability is confirmed by the remains of a sanctuary near Amrit, in which there is a cella standing in the midst of a large court hewn out of the rock, together with other buildings in an Egyptian style.

The cella itself was divided longitudinally (i.e.

Is a small temple of the late imperial age, consisting of a semicircular cella with a peristyle of eight Corinthian columns, supporting a projecting entablature.

Of the river Selinus, lie the ruins of a temple of Demeter, with a propylon leading to the sacred enclosure: the temple itself has a cella with a narrow door and without columns.

As in the Parthenon, there is a sculptured zophoros above the exterior of the cella walls; this, however, extends over the east and west fronts only and the east ends of the sides; the eastern zophoros represents a battle-scene with seated deities on either hand, the western a centauromachia.

The reliefs of the frieze of the cella of the Parthenon enable us to form an idea of the procession.

Here also the cella had prodomos and opisthodomos.