Sentence Examples with the word Cell phone

Damian turned the cell phone back on and emerged into the warm evening air from the Marriott's conference room, the random place chosen by his spy chief for this week's intelligence briefing.

Ashley wasn't in the room, though Jessi recognized some of her cousin's things: a pink cell phone charger, a backpack that yawned open to reveal clothes, the stack of colorful beaded bracelets on the arm of the couch.

Look, here's my cell phone number.

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Opening her purse, she found the cell phone and pulled it out.

Fortunately Morino saw the ad for Apple Hors Devours in the local paper and recognized Alfonso's cell phone number before they made their first sale.

She turned as an officer shoved a cell phone at her.

She fingered the small teal evening purse hanging around her wrist, where her cell phone was.

Turn your cell phone on and ignore the land line.

They had badgered the parents of their thirteen year old member into getting him a cell phone and then had started on Carmen.

Only the two gran it will take to put the lines down this way, and cell phone reception is unreliable.