Sentence Examples with the word Cell

The surface of the prothallus, which is exposed when the thick wall of the spore is ruptured, may produce a few rhizoids; upon it the archegonia, consisting of a short neck and the central series of ovum, ventral canal cell and canal cell, arise (fig.

Monday morning while Felipa took the men riding and the children were coloring, Carmen used her new cell phone to call the employment office.

This has a strong attraction for basic aniline dyes, and can usually be distinguished from other parts of the cell which are more easily colored by acid anilines.

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Her cell rang, and she stared at it briefly through bleary eyes.

The electromotive force of each cell is 2.14 volts, and the resistance 4.

She had forgotten her cell phone on the dresser again.

Each cell contains a flattened chromatophore of a brown or yellow colour.

These sheets were readily accepted by the bees, and afterwards plates cast from metal were employed, with so good a result as to give to the bees as perfect a midrib as that of natural comb with the deep cell walls cut away.

To prevent temperature from affecting the shunt ratio, Edison joined in series with the electrolytic cell a copper coil the resistance of which increased with a rise of temperature by the same amount that the electrolyte decreased.

This is a primal necessity of the protoplast,and every cell gives evidence of its need by adopting one of the various ways in which such need is supplied.