Sentence Examples with the word Celeste

In the midst of his active career he undertook a translation of the Mecanique celeste of P. S.

The Mecanique celeste with its four supplements occupies the first 5 vols., the 6th contains the Systeme du monde, and the 7th the Th.

Laplace in the Mecanique celeste was its larger aim, for the accomplishment of which forty years of unremitting industry barely sufficed.

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Lalande, however, published in 1801 in his H istoire celeste th e a roxi logues.

He wrote Histoire celeste (1741); Theorie des cometes (1743), a translation, with additions of Halley's Synopsis; Institutions astronomiques (1746), an improved translation of J.

The Mecanique celeste is, even to those most conversant with analytical methods, by no means easy reading.

Louis Marie Celeste d'Aumont, duc de Piennes, afterwards duc d'Aumont (1762-1831), emigrated during the Revolution and served in the army of the royalists, as also in the Swedish army.

The publication of the Mecanique celeste gained him world-wide celebrity, and his name appeared on the lists of the principal scientific associations of Europe, including the Royal Society.

Having been requested by Lord Brougham to translate for the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge the Mecanique Celeste of Laplace, she greatly popularized its form, and its publication in 1831, under the title of The Mechanism of the Heavens, at once made her famous.

As a monument of mathematical genius applied to the celestial revolutions, the Mecanique celeste ranks second only to the Principia of Newton.