Sentence Examples with the word Ceiling

The conference room behind it was large and open, its ceiling cathedral and one wall twice the height of the others.

He pushed open the fourth door, walking into a large room stacked from floor to ceiling with ancient tablets, manuscripts, and books.

By 13 ft., once lined with marble and the ceiling covered with mosaic, a few fragments of which still remain.

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The beat cop pointed to the rear room where they found Ralph hanging from a ceiling water pipe by a thin nylon cord, slowly turning until the twist of the line tightened and reversed his direction.

The stones were dark, the air musty, the ceiling low.

Panic and tears soon drained her of energy, and she stared listlessly at the bloodied ceiling until the man in the corner stirred.

Kiera lay on the bed an hour after Evelyn left, staring at the white ceiling with its brightly corded edges.

The music room had raised panel cherry walls and a coffered ceiling with intricately carved beams.

The courts are ornamented by sculptures of great beauty and richness; the delicately-carved cedar ceiling bears traces of polychromatic painting.

The phone bill, thanks to Fred's vigorous activities, was only a few commas less than the national debt and he was knocking on the ceiling of his newly acquired Visa limit.