Sentence Examples with the word Ceara

India have, however, begun to furnish a better quality of Ceara rubber, which is often prepared in biscuit form.

As the species from which Ceara rubber is obtained (Hancorina speciosa) is found in Bolivia, it is probable that this is also a source of the Peruvian caucho.

Among the imported flora are tea, Siberian coffee, cocoa, Ceara rubber (which has not done well), Manila hemp, teak, cocoanut and a number of ornamental trees, fruit-trees, vegetables and garden plants.

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Partly for this reason and partly because pieces of wood and dirt are apt to be included with the scrap, the market value of Ceara rubber is usually less than that of Para.

Brazil which furnishes Ceara or Manitoba rubber (fig.

In 1817 Pernambuco was the scene of a revolutionary outbreak, which resulted in the separation of the present states of Alagoas and Rio Grande do Norte, Ceara and Parahyba having been detached in 1799.

In 1909, on six large rubber plantations, mostly on the windward side of the island of Maui, there were planted 444,450 ceara trees, 66,700 hevea trees, and 600 castilloa trees.

RUBBERS Para Ceara Castilloa Ficus Landolphia Para Latex Rubber Rubber Rubber Elastica Kirkii (Ceylon).