Sentence Examples with the word Cayley

Degen in 1816 and Ottoris Sarti in 1823, followed Cayley at moderate intervals, constructing flying models on the vertical screw principle.

Observe the notation, which is that introduced by Cayley into the theory of matrices which he himself created.

Which is satisfied by every symmetric fraction whose partition contains no unit (called by Cayley non-unitary symmetric functions), is of particular importance in algebraic theories.

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ARTHUR CAYLEY (1821-1895), English mathematician, was born at Richmond, in Surrey, on the 16th of August 1821, the second son of Henry Cayley, a Russian merchant, and Maria Antonia Doughty.

Binet in France, Carl Gustav Jacobi in Germany, and James Joseph Sylvester and Arthur Cayley in England.

A theory of matrices has been constructed by Cayley in connexion particularly with the theory of linear transformation.

So the theory of the forms appertaining to a binary form of unrestricted order was first worked out by Cayley and P. A.