Sentence Examples with the word Caved

Much of the old town caved into the river, and during the Civil War it was burned by the Federal forces soon after the capture of Memphis.

It took four strikes before the door caved with a crunch.

Someone might have wondered about his skull being caved in.

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And besides, it's got a caved in front left.

He thought she'd refuse him but she caved and took his hand.

She'd spend the rest of her life knowing she caved in to desire only five days away from her goal.

Above, the ground has been completely worked out from the surface, and the space formerly occupied by ore is now filled with the debris of the overlying strata which has caved in above the block of ore now being worked.

Every other woman would've caved the first day before nine in the morning.

While Simonides was outside, the roof of the house caved in and killed everyone.

Katie begged Alex to let her drive, and he caved in.