Sentence Examples with the word Cataract

Among its characteristic features is a cataract fed by melting snows, which descends 1500 ft.

Raided south Palestine and Ethiopia, and at Semna beyond the second cataract set up a stela of conquest that in its expressions recalls the stelae of Sesostris in Herodotus: Sesostris may, therefore, be the highly magnified portrait of this Pharaoh.

Alike in volume and in beauty these take a very high place among European waterfalls; the cataract has a total descent of about 650 ft., in three leaps of 65, 330 and 190 ft.

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Others admire more the Mammoth Dome, at the termination of Spark's Avenue, where a cataract falls from a height of iso ft.

It may be taken to include the Nile valley from Assuan near the First Cataract southwards to the confluence of the White and Blue Niles, stretching in this direction for about 560 m.

Here is the great cataract of Itamaraca, which rushes down an inclined plane for 3 m.

There are two important rapids and one cataract on the lower 300 m.

The site selected for the great Nile dam was at the head of the First Cataract above Assuan.

The 1980s brought us a hepatitis B vaccine, artificial skin, DNA sequencing, and laser cataract surgery.

The auditorium is little less perfect than that of Aspendus and very nearly as large; but the scena wall has collapsed over stage and proscenium in a cataract of loose blocks.