Sentence Examples with the word Catalyst

His belligerent attitude toward car driving became the catalyst for this thought provoking drama.

His caustic expression served as a catalyst to her boredom.

Reinders (Ber., 1896, 29, p. 1369, 1899) have shown that the transformation is a monomolecular reaction, the velocity of transformation in moderately dilute solution being independent of the concentration, but proportional to the amount of the catalyst present (amine hydrochloride) and to the temperature.

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Humans became the catalyst for the genetic modification, having no idea what was going to happen, and most of the time nothing good did: The mutations either had no effect or no positive effect.

It is manufactured by oxidizing naphthalene tetrachloride (prepared from naphthalene, potassium, chlorate and hydrochloric acid) with nitric acid, or, better, by oxidizing the hydrocarbon with fuming sulphuric acid, using mercury or mercuric sulphate as a catalyst (German pat.

The kittens were a catalyst to crumbling the walls of tension that had been built between them.

I admit I don't know exactly how this is happening but I'm sure it's not my equipment; yes, it's a catalyst but it's mainly Howie's scrambled brain.