Sentence Examples with the word Cat

Sighing, Jessi tried tapping the ground, waving her fingers, even using her ponytail to try to lure the cat out.

His cat was as emotionally needy as Ingrid on a good day.

They often bear animal names, and it is dangerous to call a cat or dog without pointing at the animal, for a Jinni of the same name may be present and may take advantage of the invocation.

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She made a job of searching through the cabinet for the cat food and avoided his gaze as she handed him the box.

In point of doctrine, they differ in their view of the relation between God Vishnu and the human soul; whilst the former sect define it by the ape theory, which makes the soul cling to God as the young ape does to its mother, the latter explain it by the cat theory, by which Vishnu himself seizes and rescues the souls as the mother cat does her young ones.

MANUL (Felis manul), a long-haired small wild cat from the deserts of Central Asia, ranging from Tibet to Siberia.

Cacomitli) in the south, the Texan lynx (Lynx rufus texensis) in the southeast, and the plateau wild cat (L.

At length, in the war of 1812, her dwelling was set on fire by English soldiers, prisoners on parole, when she was away, and her cat and dog and hens were all burned up together.

CLOUDED LEOPARD (Felis nebulosa or macroscelis), a large arboreal cat from the forests of south-east Asia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo and Formosa.

A remarkable wall-painting depicts a cat creeping over ivy-covered rocks and about to spring on a pheasant.