Sentence Examples with the word Casus

In respect of Hungary Czechoslovakia was at one with Yugoslavia and Rumania in holding that a Habsburg restoration would be a casus belli.

His warm reception in France and his enthusiastic Republicanism, however, displeased the Federalists at home; he did nothing, moreover, to reconcile the French to the Jay treaty (see JAY, John), which they regarded as a violation of the French treaty of alliance of 1778 and as a possible casus belli.

To Athens no formal declaration of war but rather sought first to create some specious casus belli by sending requisitions to Athens.

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The procedure per viam casus excepti consists in the legitimation of a cultus which has been rendered to a saint for a very long time.

The latter casus belli is the more probable, though the chronicler, Florence of Worcester, asserts the protection of the sons of Duncan by England.

On the 18th of December 1895 a message was sent to the United States Congress by President Cleveland practically stating that any attempt on the part of the British Government to enforce its claims upon Venezuela as regards the boundary between that country and Guiana without resort to arbitration would be considered as a casus belli by his government.

Venice made this action a casus belli.

On the other hand, the constitution of the 13th of November had been in flat contradiction to the protocol of London, which recognized theseparate rights of the duchies; and if the two great German powers chose to make this violation of an agreement to which they had been parties a casus belli, Europe would have no right to interfere.

Lord Aberdeen still hoped to secure peace, and the Russian government was informed that no casus belli would arise so long as Russia abstained from passing the Danube or attacking a Black Sea port.

The truce- with France lasted for two years after the death of Duke Humphrey, and came to an end partly owing to the eagerness of the French to push their advantages, but Renewal much more from the treachery and bad faith of Suffolk of the war and Somerset, who gave the enemy an admirable casus belli.