Sentence Examples with the word Casualties

Thus, in 1902by no means an abnormal yearstatistics show the following disasters owing to typhoons: casualties to human life, 3639; ships and boats lost, 3244; buildings destroyed wholly or partially, 695,062; land inundated, 1,071,575 acres; roads destroyed, 1236 m.; bridges washed away, 13, 685; embankments broken, 705 m.; crops damaged, 8,712,655 bushels.

The captures of the corps came to over 4,000 prisoners and 87 guns; the attacking strength of the Australians was less than 6,000 and the casualties were just over r,000 in all.

The sirdars casualties were 80 killed and 472 wounded.

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In his retreat back into Texas he made a stand on the 8th of April 1862 at Albuquerque, where during the whole day there was a fight at long range and with few casualties against a detachment of Union soldiers commanded by Colonel Edward R.

The casualties in the two areas on the final night had amounted to two.

Three more shells hit the ship and caused heavy casualties in the crowded decks, but Motor Launch 55 8 (Lt.-Comm.

The casualties from shell-fire had been few, but those from sickness were very heavy.

Its casualties amounted to a total of 637 killed, wounded and missing.

The total number of casualties during the campaign (including those who died of disease) was 1007.

The dervish loss in the two actions was estimated at 1000 killed and wounded, while the Egyptian casualties were only 4 killed and 29 wounded.