Sentence Examples with the word Castra

Near Neuwied one of the largest Roman castra on the Rhine has been excavated.

Ratisbona) was chosen by the Romans, who named it Castra Regina, as the centre of their power on the upper Danube.

Craiova, which occupied the site of the Roman Castra Nova, was formerly the capital of Little Walachia.

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Even the great fortress of Castra Vetera (Xanten) was starved.

Afterwards the Romans established a colony of Batavian veterans, the castra batava here.

The town is the Castra Abusina of the Romans, and Roman remains exist in the neighbourhood.

The city is said to be the ancient Castra Traiana, and many traces of old encampments bear evidence of this.

The following Roman towns have been identified: (i) in the Dobrudja, Cius (Hirsova), Troesmis (Iglitza), Arrubium (Machin), Viodunum (Isakcha), Istrus (Karaharman), Tropaeum (Adam Klissi), Kallatis (Mangalia), Tomi (Constantza); (2) in Moldavia, Dinogetia (Tiglina); (3) in Walachia, Drobetae (Turnu Severin), Malva (Celeiu), Castra Nova (Craiova), Romula (Resca), Sorium (Roshiori de Vede), Pelendava (Bradesci), Acidava (Jenuseshti), Rusidava (Dragasani), Castro Traiana (Ramnicu Valcea), Arutela (Bivolari), Pons Vetus (Caineni), Komidava (Petroasa), Ramidava (Buzeu).

Bonn (Bonna or Castra Bonnensia), originally a town of the Ubii, became at an early period the site of a Roman military settlement, and as such is frequently mentioned by Tacitus.

The name Caerleon seems to be derived from the Latin Castra legionum, but it is not peculiar to Caerleon-on-Usk, being often used of Chester and occasionally of Leicester and one or two other places.