Sentence Examples with the word Castile

Of Castile by a typical piece of flighty oriental barbarity.

Galician, on the other hand, which began a literary life early in the middle ages for it was employed by Alfonso the Learned in his Cani-igas in honor of the Virgindecayed in proportion as the monarchy of Castile and Leon, to which Galicia had been annexed, gathered force and unity in its southward conquest.

The history of this period, which was terminated by the union of Castile and Aragon under Ferdinand and Isabella in 1479, is given, along with a full account of the very interesting constitution of Aragon, under Spain.

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He successfully resisted encroachments on ecclesiastical jurisdiction by the kings of England, Castile and Aragon.

Long before his death he had become alienated from the advanced school of Catalan nationalists, and endeavoured to explain away the severe criticism of Castile in which his Historia de Cataluna y de la Corona de Aragon (1860-1863) abounds.

Of Castile at Alarcos in 1195.

Of Castile to conquer Cuenca, and to suppress one Pero Ruiz de Azagra, who was endeavouring to carve out a kingdom for himself in the debatable land between Christian and Mahommedan.

Of Castile by his second wife Isabella, granddaughter of John I.

Of Castile (1369); he based his claim on the fact that his grandmother Beatrice 1367-1385.

He rose to great distinction in the war between Sancho of Castile and Sancho of Navarre, in which he won his name of Campeador, by slaying the enemy's champion in single combat.