Sentence Examples with the word Cassandra

In the distribution of the booty, Cassandra fell to the lot of Agamemnon; but again her foresight was useless, for he would not believe her prediction that he should perish in his own country.

Before Jackson could reach her, she had grabbed Cassandra by the throat from mid-air and held her above her head.

Which he was treacherously slain, Cassandra also being put to death by Clytaemnestra.

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The rape of Cassandra by Ajax was frequently represented in Greek works of art, for instance on the chest of Cypselus described by Pausanias (v.

In walked Victor with Cassandra Davis close behind.

It took a full two weeks to turn Cassandra and it ended in disaster.

The best extant specimen is the Argonautica of Apollonius Rhodius; the most characteristic is the Alexandra or Cassandra of Lycophron, the obscurity of which is almost proverbial.

Jule had chosen to stay with Cassandra instead of returning to the immortal realm when the Schism occurred.

In this case the altar of Apollo at Delphi, upon which on the Greek vases Neoptolemus is frequently represented as taking refuge from Orestes, might be regarded as the pedestal of an invisible image of the god, and as fulfilling the same function as did the base of the actual image of Athene in Troy, towards which Cassandra fled from Ajax.

The frank bearing, fortitude and self-sacrificing heroism of the best type of the soldierly character find expression in the persons of Achilles, Telamon and Eurypylus; and a dignified and passionate tenderness of feeling makes itself heard in the lyrical utterances of Cassandra and Andromache.