Sentence Examples with the word Cass

At the time of the Red Bird rising in 1827, Governor Lewis Cass of Michigan 'Territory made Prairie du Chien his temporary headquarters.

In 1820 he accompanied General Lewis Cass as geologist in his expedition to the Upper Mississippi and the Lake Superior copper region, and in 1823 he was appointed Indian agent for the Lake Superior country.

South-east of Pontiac, Cass and Elizabeth lakes), and there is good hunting and fishing in the vicinity.

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He was one of the organizers in Michigan of the Republican party, and in 1857 succeeded Lewis Cass in the United States Senate, serving until 1875, and at once taking his stand with the most radical opponents of slavery extension.

As the west became more radically opposed to slavery after the troubles in Kansas, Cass was soon out of sympathy with his section, and when the Republicans secured control of the legislature in 1857 they refused to return him to the Senate.

The most prominent public buildings are the City Hall, completed in 1906; County Court-House, designed by Cass Gilbert (b.

In 1836 General Cass was appointed minister to France, and became very popular with the French government and people.

BEARDSTOWN, a city of Cass county, Illinois, U.S.A., in the W.

Smith, Life and Times of Lewis Cass (New York, 1856).

The academy is one of the foremost secondary schools in the country, and among its alumni have been Daniel Webster, Edward Everett, Lewis Cass (born in Exeter in a house still standing), John Parker Hale, George Bancroft, Jared Sparks, John Gorham Palfrey, Richard Hildreth and Francis Bowen.