Sentence Examples with the word Casper

He had suggested she breed Casper to another stud, and she had intended to, but Ed got to her first.

She watched as he examined Casper and answered his questions.

I've had to keep Casper away from him lately.

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Alex says it's best to let them alone, but Casper is used to being around me.

On her last visit before Alex arrived, Casper still hadn't eaten her grain and she was pacing around in her stall.

Carmen sighed as Casper finally moved away.

Edward Casper Stokes John Franklin Fort .

I know for a fact my wife turned as white as Casper and Quinn looked no better.

Maybe Alex could feed his animals, but the chickens, Princess, and Casper were still her responsibility.

Six-month old Dandy nickered to his mother, but Casper was busy talking to Princess and Dawn.