Sentence Examples with the word Casket

These consisted of five vessels, two vases, a bowl and a casket being made of steatite, and the fifth, also a bowl, of crystal.

Further evidence was supplied by Thomas Crawford, a retainer of the house of Lennox, tallying so exactly with the text of the casket letters as to have been cited in proof that the latter must needs be a forgery.

Among many fine pieces of jewellers' work preserved in the ecclesiastical treasuries may be mentioned the silver statuette of San Biagio, and the reliquary which contains his skull - a 17th-century casket in filigree and enamels with Byzantine medallions of the 11th or 12th century.

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The casket was opened in 1906, at the instance of the emperor William II., and the draperies enclosing the body were temporarily removed to Berlin, with a view to the reproduction of similar cloth.

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He seemed uncomfortable without the usual casket before him but was quite skillful in referring to Jeffrey Byrne's present status in sufficiently ambiguous terms as to not quite acknowledge Byrne was dead.

Even in the existing versions of the letters, translated from the lost originals and retranslated from this translation of a text which was probably destroyed in 1603 by order of King James on his accession to the English throne - even in these possibly disfigured versions, the fiery pathos of passion, the fierce and piteous fluctuations of spirit between love and hate, hope and rage and jealousy, have an eloquence apparently beyond the imitation or invention of art (see Casket Letters 1).

The earliest extant record of the Wayland legend is the repre - sentation in carved ivory on a casket of Northumbrian workmanship of a date not later than the beginning of the 8th century.

He chooses three out of the whole number; their names are thrown into a golden casket provided for that purpose by a former emperor of China.

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